About us (ecopromotion.gr)


ecopromotion.gr is the marketing and public relations unit of ecoreview.gr

We specialize in translating "green" subjects into marketing action.

We organize seminars, conferences and stage events that trigger interest in contemporary "green" and cultural issues.

 As a professional conference organizer in the medical sector, ecopromotion.gr can best serve the varied needs of pharmaceutical companies, professional societies, health associations, charities and not-for-profit organizations. 

 We provide comprehensive conference management services varying from the conceptualization of the original idea all the way to selecting the venue of the event, organizing the conference program, building the panel of speakers, attending to your guests' travel arrangements and managing the event's financials.

  Our graphic designers specialize in the development of conference material - such as conference folders, print and electronic company brochures, product catalogues, leaflets and creative promotional material. 

  We also specialize in website construction and the use of electronic communications like mass-mailing solutions and electronic newsletters that will assist the communications program of your event and turn it into a marketing success.  

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